Alternatives to Retail Therapy

The Use It Up Challenge is heating up. So far I've finished one tube of sunscreen, one bottle of shower gel, one bottle of perfume, one face scrub, and one lip balm. I have never 'finished' lip balm before, I usually would end up throwing away older ones as new arrive. Achievement unlocked! But now, … Continue reading Alternatives to Retail Therapy


Too Much Stuff to Use Up

I've been sticking to the 'use it up first' challenge for the past few weeks. So quick update. All I've managed to finish so far is a tube of sunscreen, which was nearly empty to begin with. Everything else seems to go on and on. Did a minor declutter today; packed a bag full of … Continue reading Too Much Stuff to Use Up

Creating a Budget Calendar with the Dollarbird App

When I started on my budgeting journey, I decided to use Google Sheets. I would add all expected income for the month and each daily expense would be noted down. As new expenses were added, the amount was deducted from the main balance. It was not zero based budgeting as is recommended by many, but … Continue reading Creating a Budget Calendar with the Dollarbird App